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Half life 1 weapon codes

half life 1 weapon codes

Though half Half-Life was a masterpiece, the life one half thing it lacked was chapter selection, which was embedded in the Source version and half Half-Life.
Half-Life is a first-person shooter developed and weapon published by Valve.XEN type "impulse 101" into the console to get all the weapons at once.And so, I bring you the maps!Office complex: map c1a2 "WE GOT hostiles!" map c1a3, blast PIT: map c1a4, codes power UP: map c2a1.noclip - walk through walls/fly.Crossbow: give half weapon_crossbow, rocket launcher: give weapon_rpg, gauss cannon: give weapon_gauss.And just to recap: HEV suit: give item_suit, aLL weapons: impulse 101, happy Half-Life!To aquire the HEV suit, type "give item_suit" into the console.Office complex where you only have a Crowbar and a Pistol) there are weapon specific codes to give specific weapons. GOD - god mode.

Exe - console -dev".Interloper: map c4a2b (Also the windows ending of Gonarch's Lair).MAP weapon xxxx - go to map xxxx.Please read below: crowbar: give weapon_crowbar.Nihilanth: map c4a3, ending: map c5a1, simply input the "map x" into the console and you're off!Glock 17 pistol: give weapon_glock.357 revolver: give weapon_357, mP5 machine GUN: give weapon_mp5, sPAS 12 shotgun: give weapon_shotgun.However, we are weapon able to select specific maps in the console, interior which can be very confusing windows because there are so many of them.The following items are available: item_airtank ; item_antidote ; item_battery item_healthkit ; item_longjump ; item_security item_sodacan ; item_suit ammo_357 ; ammo_9mmAR ; ammo_9mmbox ammo_9mmclip ; ammo_ARgrenades ; ammo_buckshot ammo_crossbow ; ammo_egonclip ; ammo_gaussclip ammo_glockclip ; ammo_mp5clip ; ammo_mp5grenades ammo_rpgclip weapon_357 ; weapon_9mmAR ; weapon_9mmhandgun weapon_crossbow.If this is the first time you are enabling cheats, they won't activate until you load a game, start weapon a new game, or move to another level.It came out in 1998 and tells the story of Gordon Freeman, a scientist at the Black Mesa Research Facility, who must survive an alien invasion when an experiment goes horribly update wrong.This guide is specifically for the PC version of Half-Life. If you're at a stage where you have all the weapons and there are no more to aquire (e.g.
The main problem is you don't have weapons or an HEV suit, but windows thankfully, I know how to get them!

However, if you're at a stage where you do not have all the weapons (e.g.
Questionable ethics: map c2a4d, surface tension: map c2a5, forget about freeman: map c3a1.
Here's the maplist: Single Player: c0a0 ; c0a0a ; c0a0b ; c0a0c ; c0a0d c0a0e ; c1a0 ; c1a0a ; c1a0b ; c1a0c c1a0d ; c1a0e half life 1 weapon codes ; c1a1 ; c1a1a ; c1a1b c1a1c ; c1a1d ; c1a1f ; c1a2 ; c1a2a c1a2b ; c1a2c ;.