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Games harvest moon animal parade

Animal Parade is moon similar to the parade first Wii game, Tree of games Tranquility, and has several upgrades from the previous version.
October 31, 2008, november 10, 2009, november 2010 (DE, EN, ES, FR, IT).All the ride-able animals have different walking/running speed.There are also part time jobs that the player can.Animal Parade has the shortest time span of pregnancy of any Harvest Moon game.If you visit Harmonica Photography that day, one will harvest meet the family, and the child will introduce him or herself.However, the goals in mind are different to fit with Animal Parade's plot.In addition to being able to buy young animals from Hanna, such as foals and calves, the player can also buy the adult forms of these animals, but at more parade of a cost. This is very different from other Harvest Moon games.
There are lots of crops to grow, parade including beans, tomatoes, potatoes, and many more.
The player can choose what season they were born, favorite animal food, and tell him one's name (Note that in this game your birthday will automatically animal written). .

In Japan, the games game is moon called Bokujou Monogatari: Wakuwaku Animal March and moon was released on October 31, 2008.Besides just the moon Horse and Ostrich, you can now ride the Cow, Sheep, and Goat livestock animals.To restore the power of nature and the Goddess tree, the player needs to ring five mystical bells guarded by Harvest Sprites: Alan's red bell of Fire, Collin's yellow bell of Earth, Ben's blue bell of Water, Daren's green bell of Wind, and Edge's purple.You are able to pick your child's gender, and own spouse' appearance will affect child's.Cows can be brown, black or animal white and black, horses can be white, brown, grey or black.As the player travels, Cain asks one questions.New Features/Changes Choose from four different protagonist styles: a new male and female character designed for Animal Parade ( Kasey and Molly ) or for Tree of Tranquility ( Kevin and Angela ).You receive an in-game camera, allowing you to take pictures throughout the game and hang them games in your house.The Harvest Goddess uses the last of her power to create the little sprites, and instructs the orange sprite, Finn, to search for someone who can help.There are special events in the child's life such as "Crawling "Walking "Talking and "Growing.".The main hub of commerce is Harmonica Town, where you will find shops and residences.Harvest Moon: games Animal Parade is, marvelous Interactive and, natsume.Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility.Special events are photographed and you have the option to buy photos at festivals and have family photos taken in a studio.Index, help and Admin contact, site map, help Forum. In addition, sheep, who used to produce wool exclusively, can produce milk, cheese and butter as well.
Ranch Story: Exciting Animal March) is the second Harvest Moon game to be released for the Nintendo Wii.