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Cheat codes for baldur's gate 2 shadows of amn

Continue creating your character until you have set baldurs your first level spells.
Blade of Roses 3 sw1h40, blade of Searing 2 sw1h39, blindness scroll baldurs scrl71 Blur scroll scrl85 Bolt bolt01 Bolt 1 bolt02 Bolt 2 bull06 Bolt of Biting bolt04 Bolt of Lighting bolt03 Bolt of Polymorphing bolt05 Bone Blade 4 dagg14 Bone Club 2,.Belm 2 sw1h30, belt of Inertial Barrier belt10, black Blade of Disaster scroll scrl9x.Hint: Summoned baldurs creature attack If you can summon creatures to aid you they will auto-attack the enemy.Cnycau mggr vjg rcpvcnmmpu.Open the file i in the root of your Baldur's Gate II directory with Notepad.Potn07 Firebreath cheat shadows potn27 Invulnerability potn11 Strength potn44 Fire Giant Str.It may also work with other class combinations that a mage is part.Ruby Ray of Reversal scroll scrl8g Saving Grace 3 shld27 Scimitar sw1h20 Scimitar 1 sw1h22 Scimitar 1 Shazzellim sw1h50 Scimitar 3: Frostband sw1h15 baldurs Scimitar 5: Defender sw1h16 Scroll Case bag03 Secret World scroll scrl6o Sentinel 4 shld22 baldurs Shadow Door scroll scrl2h Shapechange scroll scrl9y Shield.After awhile, rest at an inn.Mrjsvq xli Uyiir, wr xlex cheat wli qmklx wlrr xliq esec.Amulet of Metaspell Influence amul16, amulet of Power amul21, amulet of Protection 1 amul14.You Can buy as many of the items as the shopkeeper has to offer for the price of just one.Creature Monster name, black Dragon dragblac, blue Salamander icsalcol.Add the line "Debug Mode1" under the "Program Options" heading.Go back to the shopkeepers inventory You will see the multiple scrolls you selected by the small number in the upper left hand corner of the item. The price will reflect every scroll you are going to buy, Next, go to the character's inventory.
Rod of Smiting (Unknown code) rods?

Kill selected character or monster Ctrl.Cluaconsole:AddGold( x ) - game Adds x gold to your party total, cluaconsole:CreateItem( x, y ) - Creates y number of item.Acid Arrows arow04, adventurer's Robe clck14, aganazzar's azkaban Scorcher scroll scrl16.Iron Golem goliro01, lich lich01, mature Vampire vammat01, mind Flayer mindfl01.Dagg19 Dart dart01 Dart 1 full dart02 Dart of Stunning dart03 Dart of Wounding dart04 Daystar sw1h31 Deafness scroll scrla2 Death Fog scroll scrl7r Death Spell scroll scrl7i Delayed Blast Fireball scroll scrl8n Detect Illusion scroll scrl6k Detect Invisibilty scroll scrl87 Dire Charm scroll scrl1s Disintegrate.Kobwit01 Skeleton Warrior skelwa01 Dust Mephit mepdus01 Lich lich01 Smoke Mephit mepsmo01 shadows Efreeti genefr01 Lightning Mephit meplig01 Spectral Troll trolsp01 Elder Orb beheld01 Magma Mephit mepmag01 Steam Mephit mepste01 Ettercap etter01 Mind Flayer mindfl01 Stone Golem golsto01 Fire Mephit mepfir01 Mineral Mephit mepmin01 Sword Spider.Amul20 Amulet of Power amul21 Karajah's Leather Armor leat09 Amulet of Protection 1 amul14 Kiel's Buckler helm20 Amulet of Spell Warding amul25 Kiel's Helmet helm14 Amulet of 5 Magic Res.Giant Troll trogi01, greater Ghoul ghogr01, greater Mummy mumgre01.You will find a wizard in there.Dagg19 Dart dart01l Dart 1 dart02 Dart of Stunning dart03 Dart of Wounding dart04 Asp's Nest dart05 Halberd halb01l Halberd 1 halb02 Halberd 2 halb03 Dragon Bane 3 windows halb04 Dragon's star Breath 4 halb05 Blackmist 4 halb06 Halberd 2 Darkblade halb08 Halberd 4: Wave halb09 War.If you want to be a different Fighter/Specialist Mage, click "Start Over" and begin from step one again with a new Specialist Mage chosen.Relationships game develop according to your characters ability scores, alignment, or how you react to them talking to you.Romances captain happen when the NPC talks to you and you talk back very nice and if you have the things they like.When you are playing Baldur's Gate II, press ctrl-space to open the console window at the bottom of the screen. Bastard Sword sw1h01, bastard Sword 1 sw1h02, bastard Sword 1,.

Hint: Easy experience If one of your party members is a thief, try to pickpocket another party member.
After cheat codes for baldur's gate 2 shadows of amn they die, rest and repeat.