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Biology unit 2 june 2012 mark scheme edexcel

Ignore vacuum 8(b i) High pressure / june smoothes out blood flow / artery wall contains more collagen / muscle / elastic (fibres) / connective tissue; 1 Accept converse for pulmonary vein Incorrect function of artery disqualifies mark 8(b ii).
As alleles have been chosen / rejected; biology 2 4 5 3(a i) /beta glucose; 1 Accept b / B Reject any reference to alpha/ 3(a ii) Glycosidic; 1 Reject references to (1-4) glycosidic bond, but allow beta 1-4, biology or unit unspecified reference to 1-4 (1,4) 3(a.Assumptions about future mark schemes on the mark basis of one year s document should be avoided; whilst the guiding principles of assessment remain constant, details will change, depending on the content of a particular examination paper.Growth / increase in cell number;.Micro/macro fibrils/fibres; Accept other comparable differences eg hydrogen bonds within starch but between unit cellulose molecules 3(b ii).Large proteins remain in capillary; Return.Middle of day warmer / lighter;. The Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA) is mark a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (company number ) and a registered charity edexcel (registered charity number ).
Allow one type of food source if clearly plant 7(c) For:.
1,4 bonds / no 1,6 bonds / unbranched / straight; 1 mark per pair of contrasts, both starch and cellulose required.

Reject reference to antibodies.Greater variety of plants;.Allow mark references to not being as effective in humans 9(c).Incorrect hacker denominator but evidence of understanding gains mark 7(b ii) Diversity hacker index would be lower (NO mark).Cohesion eyeshield (between water molecules 3 hacker full max Allow converse.3 1(a i) Diffusion; 1 Ignore references to structures, membrane components etc Allow simple diffusion Reject facilitated diffusion 1(a ii). Ignore phosphorus, Ignore molecule 5(a iii) Name of base Percentage Thymine 34 Cytosine / Guanine 16 Adenine xbox 34 Cytosine / Guanine 16 2 Spelling must be correct xbox to gain MP1 First mark names correct Second mark correct, with adenine as 34 5(b i) 153;.